August 2021 UPDATE: Lambeth Council's planning committee has voted to approve our planning application for the regeneration of the Riverside Lambeth Estate. Thank you to everyone who participated in our consultation and to those who supported our plans.


In 2018 residents of Riverside Lambeth Estate (comprising of Geoffrey Close, York Close and Canterbury Close were balloted on the future of their estate, and voted to regenerate their estate.

The estate has poor accessibility making it difficult for older people, parents with children and those with disabilities to access their homes.

In order to help fund the re-development, Riverside has partnered with Bellway Homes, one of the UK's leading homebuilders.

The regeneration will provide residents with modern, accessible and energy efficent homes.

Alongside the new and improved homes for tenants, there will be new homes for private sale.

As part of our community consultation we held online Q&A events with our project team in April 2020 to present our initial proposals. Following these events and continued consultation with local stakeholder groups, LB Lambeth and other statutory bodies we then hosted further online Q&A events in July to present the updated proposals.  

The recordings are avalible on our website as an archive. 

You can call our FREEPHONE hotline anytime on 0800 955 1042, or email us on [email protected]


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